A Fall Nail Polish Combo

It’s officially fall, even though our temps here in CA are still 80s – 90s (our seasonal transition periods can get lengthy), so I’m in the mood for autumnal color palettes. I’m not ready for vampy shades just yet, but dusty hues are getting me giddy! I’m currently trying to talk myself out of buyingContinue reading “A Fall Nail Polish Combo”

My Non-Toxic Lifestyle Journey

Around the time I stopped blogging, mid-2017, I experienced a horribly uncomfortable case of dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin with symptoms such as itchiness, rash, scaling, and peeling. Unfortunately this was caused by a body cleansing product that I had been using off and on for years. It was a higher end brand, andContinue reading “My Non-Toxic Lifestyle Journey”