A Deodorant Review

I’m the type of person who has a hard time sticking to one deodorant, not because I like to try new things (well, maybe a little bit), but mostly it’s my high maintenance skin. My lovely armpits hate alcohol, hate fragrance, and have a weird on again off again relationship with coconut oil. On top of that, I’ve sworn off toxic deodorants, so the journey for natural and safe options has been long and unsatisfying… until now!

I’ve been using the Kosas AHA Serum Deodorant (2.4 fl oz, $15) in both the Serene Clean scent and the Fragrance Free versions. I bought these when they first released, and then bought more for my kids. We are very pleased with them. Unlike most deodorants that seem to wear off throughout the day, the Kosas deodorant lasts all day, all night, and even by the next morning you’re feeling dry and smelling neutral. It’s truly amazing to not feel hyper conscious about your underarms.

The product description: “Your pits need an AHA moment. This is a clean, stain-free deodorant with a unique blend of AHAs for the ultimate BO-fighting treatment. Bonus points: soothes skin, visibly brightens, and helps prevent ingrown hairs. No aluminum. No baking soda.” “Our specific AHA blend helps create a pH environment that minimizes odor-causing bacteria—leaving you feeling fresh and clean.” “The AHA blend keeps your BO in check, but it also visibly brightens and exfoliates to help with uncomfy ingrown hairs. Additional skincare ingredients also work to moisturize and soothe the sensitive skin of your pit.” “The lightweight serum dries quickly and doesn’t leave a residue or stain on your clothes. The cooling roller ball is also super easy and feels sooo good going on your skin.”

In my experience, this product is definitely as good as it seems, and the whole reason I’m typing up this blog post is to share it with my friends who want more non toxic options in skincare and hygiene. It’s definitely worth trying! 🙂

Check out their ingredient list here.

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