It’s Me Again

Oh hello! It’s been about 2.5 years since I had a blog, and in the past few months I’ve been missing the creative outlet of writing and photography. I finally decided I’m just going to throw together a simple site and take it real casual 🙂 For those who don’t know me…

Hi! I’m Krystal! I’m 30-something, living in California, married mother of 2, super professional homemaker, and rabid reader. I used to be a hardcore beauty blogger from 2011-2017ish, I even did regular videos on YouTube, and had a couple additional blogs on the side for lifestyle and food. I get asked a lot why I stepped away from blogging when I was pretty successful and had a growing following on social media. I always answer honestly: it became a job instead of a passion, plus “influencers” became an explosive trend and it diluted the respect and expectations for online reviewers or “gurus” as we used to call them back in the good old days.

Even though I’ve dropped the persona of a blogger online, I still treat my Instagram like a micro blog. I’ve been sharing little things here and there about what makeup I’m liking, what nail polish I’m wearing, tiny hauls from new-to-me brands, decluttering my life of toxic chemical based products and learning to live a cleaner lifestyle. It’s been so much fun to interact with friends on IG about these topics, I’ve learned a lot and have helped others looking for more information on cleaner and safer products. I figured having a blog would be useful for topics that I get longwinded about, plus I can add in links for those looking to research more in depth.

This blog will be very casual for me, as in, I won’t hold myself to any standards or requirements like a traditional blogger, or more honestly, like how I used to perform as a professional and organized blogger. I just want to have an open canvas to share my thoughts and opinions on things I enjoy or have learned.

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